Owen Connolly Talks About Why He Became a Psychologists Protection Society Trustee

The Psychologists Protection Society Trust (PPS) is a not for profit defence organisation, run for the benefit of members who are counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists working in the talking and listening therapies.   The Board of Trustees is made up of current members from the roll of The Psychologists Protection Society Trust, professionals and students from the fields of the talking and listening therapies. Non-members can be co-opted onto the board for their specific skills or experience.

Board Members bring their knowledge and professional experience to assist members who are finding themselves in difficulties. They may provide professional advice and will oversee any claims made to the Members Professional Protection Insurance policy and to the Professional Indemnity Trust Fund.  PPS currently has 8 Trustees who reside in all parts of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Current Trustee Owen Connolly talks about why he became a PPS Trustee:

Owen Connelly

“When I started working in private practice more than 30 years ago there was very little regulation in Ireland. Fortunately for me, I had all my training in the USA which was very well regulated and took back with me the training and the ethics gleaned during my time in America. It was also very difficult to get insurance for practitioners in Ireland. I could find no insurance company to take me on. Finally a broker in Dundrum found an insurance package that was to save me until I heard about the PPS and Mr Sandy Murray and how he had looked after Psychologists and had helped people in private practice, the loneliest job outside of being a lighthouse keeper! Mr Murray, a clinical psychologist himself, understood the needs of practitioners and his setting up of the PPS and coming to the aid of many who would have been bogged down in the very legal loophole and technical agreements surrounding allegations of misconduct etc. 

When an opening came for a new Board member I put myself forward, looking to continue the great work that was already in place and bring my experience to the table. To date I have been privileged to meet with most of the Board members and talk to all of them at our regular tele-conference calls when the collective wisdom is evident in the decision making process with the hard work of Ewan Murray and all the staff pulling everything together. The members of the Psychologists Protection Society should know the great service they get as I know of no other professional group to give the personal care given by PPS. I hope that I can be a positive provider of wisdom, time and energy to the PPS in the spirit of Sandy Murray, whose vision, this Trust was founded on.”

Owen Connolly, Counselling Psychologist, CEO of OCCTEC Ltd.

The Psychologists Protection Society Trust is currently looking for new Trustees. We would invite PPS members who feel they have the knowledge, experience and desire to join the Board to assist members and help shape the future of PPS to contact us. The PPS Board will also consider co-opting non-PPS members to the Board.  For more information visit: http://www.ppstrust.org/election