Can I use the PPS logo on my website?

The Psychologists Protection Society grants members the right to use the PPS Member logo on their own websites and stationery for as long as they remain a member. If your PPS membership lapses you must remove the logo from all materials. 

A range of sizes are available and can be downloaded by clicking on the zipped logo collection below and then save to your computer. Alternatively you can use the html code which will ensure that if we update the logo, yours will automatically update as well.

The logo works best on a white background and to achieve this a number of techniques may be used such as a white strip which runs the length of your promotional material or a 'tag' / “box” which should align to the top or bottom of artwork. The logo isn't suitable for use over coloured backgrounds or photographs. In these cases the logo becomes illegible.

Small (150 x 150)

Small Logo


Medium (250 x 250)

medium Logo


Large (700 x 700)

Large Logo


Click Here to Download All Logo's (including Hi Res for Print)

Click Here to Download HTML code