Do You Want to Join PPS?

Are you interested in finding out more about how to become a member of the Psychologists Protection Society?

By joining PPS, a member benefits from a wide range of cover and indemnities by combining a membership contract with insurance policies. Membership provides as standard: Members Professional Protection Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, discretionary assistance from our Trust Funds and legal & professional advice and assistance.

This provides a broader scope of cover as the Member’s Professional Protection Insurance (which itself provides more protection than standard professional indemnity policies, such as costs of disputes with professional bodies and defamation) is supported by our discretionary Trust Fund. Another benefit of membership is that any insurance excess under the Members Professional Protection Insurance policy will be met by the Trust Fund reducing the financial burden of a complaint on a member even further.  In addition PPS members may be able to access our Trust Fund when unforeseen circumstances arise.  

  1. Information for Applicants Resident in the United Kingdom
  2. Information for Applicants Resident in the Republic of Ireland
  3. Information for Applicants Resident in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg or the Netherlands
  4. Information for Organisations, Charities and groups of therapists