2017 Nominations Results

On Tuesday 26th June 2017 PPS announced the opening of nominations for election to the Psychologists Protection Society Trust, Board of Trustees. As per the Articles of Association, there were two Trustee positions available.


The closing date for nominations was Wednesday 9th August 2017.


The PPS secretary received two completed nomination forms that met the required eligibility requirements. As a result of an in-sufficient number of candidates standing to initiate an election, no election will be held.


As the two nominees are uncontested, they will be invited to assume their posts on the new Psychologists Protection Society Trust, Board of Trustees at the Trusts AGM to be held on 29th September 2017 in Dublin.


The names of the two successful candidates are;


·         Ms Kate Tindle

·         Mr Owen Connolly (standing for re-election)